Ballyharvey Nursing & Boarding Kennels


Our dog boarding kennels are purpose built and offer spacious, heated and comfortable accommodation, with individual exercise areas. Larger kennels are also available for up to six dogs from the same household to be able to board together. There is a light and airy environment and a natural ventilation system in place. Each kennel is hygienically designed with raised beds. Owners are welcome to bring along any bedding, toys and treats if they wish.

A full range of dog foods are available on request and any special dietary requirements or feeding instructions can be arranged on arrival. Our experienced and enthusiastic staff will ensure that all dogs will receive plenty of one-to-one attention, play and interaction to create a stimulating environment, which is particularly important for dogs staying for a long duration of time.

Before boarding all dogs must be fully vaccinated against Kennel Cough as well as the standard diseases prevented by annual booster vaccinations so you may be assured of a healthy, disease-free environment.


Cats are housed in the comfort of their own split-level accommodation, providing a cosy upper sleeping area and a lower level play area. Each room in the cattery is spacious, heated and kept to a very high standard of hygiene.

A full range of cat foods is offered to cater for every feline taste and staff will happily follow any specific feeding requirements or instructions for individual pets.

Before boarding all cats must be fully vaccinated with booster vaccinations so you may be assured of a healthy, disease- free environment.

Small Pet

Our highly knowledgeable and dedicated team of staff can accommodate and provide excellent care for a wide range of pets in addition to dogs and cats. Our small animal block offers comfortable boarding facilities for rabbits, guinea pigs, birds and other exotic pets.

Pet Nursing

Animals that are on long term medication or in need of specialist daily care, for example dogs with heart disease, diabetes, arthritic or geriatrics, will be cared for specifically by our veterinary nursing staff. This will allow peace of mind knowing your pet is receiving professional care and attention.

Like you, we hope your pet will remain in good health for the duration of their stay here at Ballyharvey. However, should your pet fall ill, you can be rest assured that veterinary staff will be on site to treat and care for your animal.

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We're situated in the countryside on the outskirts of Antrim town. This allows for easy access to Belfast and all major routes throughout Northern Ireland. Our Kennels are convenient for customers travelling through Belfast International Airport.

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Our Team

Ballyharvey Nursing & Boarding Kennels is part of Firmount Veterinary Ltd. which has been established and caring for your pets for over 50 years.

Our carefully selected kennel staff are keen animal lovers who are totally committed to the care of your pets.

As well as ensuring animals in our care have clean and comfortable accommodation with plenty to eat and drink, our staff also play a very important role in giving your pets love and attention while staying with us.